Hello, I'm Davide Wiest

My personality consists of two, seemingly contradictory sides: On the one hand, I like to get sh*t done. I care about logical arguments, facts, data. I don't believe in perfection, holding on to one opinion, ideology, or "objective truth", and especially not in "trusting your feelings". I believe in moving swiftly with a narrow focus and the right strategy.
On the other hand, I have a deep desire to know, explore, and create. I take my time to widen my understanding, follow my curiosity and pursue experiences with no clear outcome. Working has to be complemented with thinking, evaluating, and exploring.
This bimodal mentality helped me navigate through life. I am an open-source-developer, data and knowledge-mangement enthusiast, student, and view myself as a generalist: Over the years, I ventured into fields such as programming, investing, graphics design, web-development, data science, machine learning, formal logic, productivity, personal knowledge management and writing articles.
While the majority of my last years has been spent on programming projects, I'll now divide my focus between my studies, writing, digesting high quality information, and a small number of software projects with the most impact.



Languages (fluent)

German, Englisch

Favourite software

Obsidian, Todoist, Arc

Based in

Rhineland Palatine

12 favourite problems

Article coming soon

Projects & Work

Instructor @ Learnist

February till August 2023

Leading a group of students, introducing them to programming. Teaching them fundamental concepts. Encouraging logical and systematic thinking.

2-Week Internship @ HDP GMBH

March 2023

Developing algorithms and small games in Java. Working with the firms custom UI-Productivity-Framework.

Knowledge & Skills

Experienced in

Self-Management Programming

Familiar with

Project Mangement UI/UX-Design ML Models & Workflow Web Development

Fundamental understanding

MS-Office Writing Documentation


Introduction to Logic (Stanford University Online)

I got to learn the fundamentals of propositional, relational, and functional logic and had the change to improve my logical thinking skills.

Fundamentals of Online-Marketing (Google)

I learned about topics such as SEO, Content-Marketing, Search-Engine-Advertising and online strategies of local businesses.

Getting in touch

Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions, requests, or interesting information to share.

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