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The service provider has all rights prior to the conclusion of the contract, such as the copyright of the scope of services. After the conclusion of the contract, all rights of ownership of the scope of services are transferred from the service provider to the customer, with the exception that the service provider still has the necessary rights to publicly display resources of the service scope, for example in its portfolio on its website.

Damage or loss

The service provider cannot be held responsible for material or immaterial damage or loss of any kind in connection with a service provided.

Fee and payment

When entering into transactions with the service provider, the customer undertakes to honor this in full. The fixed fee was specified in the contract. If the fee is to be changed, both parties must agree to this. An advance payment of 30% of the fee is mandatory in order to filter out unprofessional prospects and to be able to use financial resources during development. The service provider decides which payment methods are used.

Termination of cooperation

Both parties to the contract have the right to cancel mutual cooperation at any point. After this is done, the following is done:
- The service provider hands over the completed work to the customer as soon as possible
- The customer pays the service provider a fee for the work done. The amount of the fee is determined by the service provider according to the scope of the work completed.

Contract and Agreement

The Service Summary sent to the Customer is considered a legal contract from the moment that a) the Customer agrees to it b) the Customer makes the stipulated prepayment. Obligations and information from the terms and conditions apply to every contract, unless certain conditions are excluded/modified in the respective contract.

Conclusion of contract

The contract between the developer/designer is deemed to have been concluded when all of the following conditions are met: a) the work is completed b) the service provider has been paid in full. The developer/designer decides when the work is considered finished. However, this must adhere to the deadline or the schedule, if this/this has been agreed. In problem cases, this can be exceeded for a relatively short period of time.

Non-disclosure agreement

If the customer wants a non-disclosure agreement to be drawn up between them and the service provider, this can be included in the contract. This usually expires after the conclusion of the contract. The service provider must also agree to the confidentiality agreement. You can find a sample non-disclosure agreement from the Munich Chamber of Industry and Commerce here.


Service provider: Davide Wiest Customer: The party that enters into or plans to exchange goods with the Service Provider on a contractual basis. Scope of services: All respective digital, analog, products and services that are to be provided by the service provider to a customer on a fee-based basis as agreed.